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Via Garibaldi

This road, where you can find buildings from '600-'700 century, represents the second part of the developement of Levanto. It was built at the end of the middle-age in a place where the rivers Terraro and Gavazzo often were in flood (proved since 1568 and the latest in 1948-1981), from which the local name of Borgo dello Stagno. At the beginning of the road, on a building at the corner of via Vinzoni, there is a long line of caricatures by an unknown painter of the end of '400 and the beginning of '500 which are part of the typical decoration still used in Liguria. At the end of the road, near palazzo Merani dated 1600, there is the San Martino gate (rebuilt in the second half of XVI century and recentrly restored) from where began the road to the mountains.