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Luigina, since 1976, is a benchmark for gourmets.
In laboratory is preparing a fabulous Pesto alla Genovese, the recipe is very old and ingredients are chosen with care, of course, basil and pine nuts Prà first choice.
An assortment of oils and extra quality wines produced in Liguria, a constant search for products such as traditional Ligurian sauces, olives, jams, honey.

Please visit La Nicchia, the new store opened in Corso Italia No 2-B where you can sample the sfiziosa Ligurian specialties: honey jam biscuits and even olives dried tomatoes with our pesto Genovese just prepared, the sauce of walnuts all with a good wine from our hills and even a schiacchettrà of 5 lands.
Monia will also be glad to offer you great tasting.

Salumeria Gastronomia Luigina
La Nicchia

Via Dante, 16

Tel. 0187 807441

Corso Italia, 2B
Tel. 0187 802638
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Recipe for Pesto

Basel from Prà, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, garlic, salt, olive oil.

Wash the basil and dry it. Start to pound the basil along with salt, pine nuts and garlic. Add the parmesan cheese, finally whisk in the oil. The thick and flavoured pasta will be perfect to dress pasta and to prepare delicious black crostino (round slice of bread).


Realizzato da Virginia Sassarini