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The convent and Church of Annunziata


It was started in 1449, later on a collapse destroyed part of the church in 1613, then widened and finished at the beginning of '600. The church with three aisles has the typical shape of the mendical order's convents. On the original portal there is a marble bas-relief of ligurian school of XV century. Inside there are some works of art ( Saint

George killing the dragon by Pier Francesco Sacchi of the beginning of XVI century - San Diego's miracle by Bernardo Strozzi of the half of XVII century - a marble slab of the XV century representing San Bernardino da Siena's glory). In the ancient dining hall you can see the cena di Emmaus by Giovanni Battista Casoni signed and dated 1641. Recent resorations to the vault of it brang to the light four frescos with couple of saints by Michele da Levanto (beg. of XVI cent.) who painted the miniated codes kept in Liguria and in Castello Sforzesco in Milan.