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Started in 1222 the church has been widenedin the middle of '400. Its actual look is due to the restorationsmade between the end of last century and the beginning of '900.Its front is made by white marble from Carrara and local green serpentine stripes (the mullioned windows, the rose window and the gravestones have been restored too). The portal, a lancet arch, has in its lunette a fresco of '400 of piemontese school (Madonna with baby sitting between Sain Andrew and John the Evangelist). The inside has one nave and double aisles with bichromate columns and serpentine pilasters (the capitals of the columns had been restored). Here are kept paintings of great value (Madonna with baby, Saint Bartholomew and Saint Bernard wich has been recently restored and attributed to Antonio da Carpena called Carpenino (XVI century), the Magi Adoration attributed to Andrea Semino (XVI century), Transito of Saint Joseph (XVI-XVII century) and the Glory of Saint Andrew by Paolo Gerolamo Brusco (XVIII century). Very interesting are also two small paintings by Carlo Braccesco wich are kept in Genova by the superintendence and were part of a wide lost dossal made between 1493 and 1494 as an altar-piece of this church. Very important are also a wooden Crucified of XV century found on the Vallesanta beach after a storm, a chalice of Parisian school wich , is said, was given to Gioacchino Da Passano by HenryVIII of England and an Ostensory of lombarda school both of xv century.