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S.Antonio del Mesco

The ruins of this small church and its hermitage dedicated to Saint Antony are on the top of Mesco's promontory, from where the eye can see the Palmaria's island and the Portofino's promontory. The first news of it date back to 1380, but its origin is more ancient. It is made by two different buildings: the first of XI century made by well carved stone and the second one of XV century. Of the ancient church there are only the perimetral walls , the apse and a part of the vault left. Here near still are the ruins of the convent abandoned in 1610 when the monks moved to their new monastery to Levanto (monastery of the Agostinian monks, now rest house). The valuable wooden statue of Saint Antony was then given to the town of Monterosso where is still kept in the oratory Mortis et Orationis.